We believe growth is guaranteed through innovation and inspired people. For this reason we develop innovative ventures.

Our mission

Our mission is sharing our experience with you to create new ideas, new ventures and a renewed spirit within your company. We believe that innovation is the answer for creating new business opportunities. Reaching new markets and customers, while attracting and keeping the right employees. You will profit from community communications, a new way of sharing and more fun within your company.

Venture Building

To create your new ventures we mix the knowledge of  your internal staff with the knowledge of our specialists. The use of our specialists not only brings opportunities in creating new networks, new markets and customers but also brings an external venture push. We extract ideas and provide you with solid business cases.  In need of additional expertise? We have more in store for you!


What makes us special is that we work with entrepreneurs who have specialized in different branches. This means we are specialists with different skills, but we are also united by our common goal: to make your startup successful. We do this by recognizing opportunities, taking  calculated risks and use the proper knowledge to realize your new venture.

Treasure Hunting

Ideas are the input to start something beautiful: how we search for ideas and what this search will bring you.

Show the map to your


Concept Creation

We create business cases for you and prepare your organisation for the road ahead.

Let us create your turn-key


Venture Execution

The first steps are the hardest, let us take them with you. Delivering you a turnkey business within 12 months.

We run your team, make us your

About us

We believe all growth is a product of innovation. New customers, new markets and consumers, finding new staff or redefining your company’s strategies, It all starts with innovation. MARCILLAUD is a true business development company. Spotting new opportunities, redefining markets, bringing innovating services and products and connecting to new markets.

We are a company made by entrepreneurs. This will guarantee that your dreams, goals and opportunities will be materialised within your company.