City sensoring, treats and opportunties

More and more municipalities have projects in place to provide their cities with different sensoring solutions. Being able to register the movements of people and vehicles has been a request for many years, the opportunities that are now provided are enormous.

An example of an opportunity is intelligent parking including first aid in case of accident.

Sensor techniques are embedded in our daily lives. Today municipalities put different sensor technologies in various things such as; Roads (by pressure sensitive triggers), Light poles (with day/ night sensors), Traffic lights (approaching sensors and pressure sensors), Rooftops (air and weather sensors), connected video cameras and even in water (dock sensors and water quality sensoring). By connecting them they provide a grit of city data.

The opportunities are endless! People can receive traffic updates, free parking spots, real-time weather forecasts or even accident prevention.

These new technologies can provide support for companies. It can support a companies’ logistics such as registration and tracking and optimize their processes. Staff will be updated when packages or customers are in the neighbourhood or arrive at the company. The new information provided by these technologies can reduce costs as companies are aware of the upcoming demand. Companies can adjust their staff and cut down on energy costs.

What many companies however lack, are the skills to take advantage of all these sensors.

A lot of governments, but also industrial zones, offer free or low cost use of the networks provided. It seems like many companies do not see the opportunities at hand. Imagine if you could target your customers when they are in the neighbourhood or if your production process will be triggered on demand and output based on your environment. This will lower costs and waste and delivering just in time.

However, we do see risks. All these networks are connected to the worldwide web and so they are hackable. The network itself is not the risk, it’s the machines that are connected to them. Most companies start with the design and security comes after. We believe it’s important that every manufacturer takes responsibility to ensure a non-hackable product. Although the law does not yet stipulate the responsibility of hacking toward manufacturers of goods, they do have the obligation to ensure safe products.

“Most companies think they are not at risk. They seem to forget that their machines are the most interesting things for hackers as they can be used for extra computing power.”

Companies, often without knowing, are part of large hacks because they lack security. This example, which is one of many, calls for the need of new opportunities. Examples are camera’s that cannot be hacked or app’s only useful for members. Communication tools between different individuals, but closed as a system and untraceable.

As MARCILLAUD is a venture building company, we have created a solution for companies in need of knowing what to secure, we call it Orange Bugs. Still in beta, we are currently testing if hacker and organisations can both benefit from the security task at hand. We call it Social Hacking. For more information, please click the link below.


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