Innovators on lease

Your plans for new ideas are made and your management is on board. Unfortunately you are missing qualified staff with innovation experience who can help you with the execution. This is where MARCILAUD’s Innovators come in.

Innovators are people who have experience in building up any department, company or project from the start. They work from scratch and finish with a succesfull project, product or company. Innvators are entrepreneurial, leaders with guts and dare to make decisions.

Our Innovators go one step further, they claim success as key-deliverable! They are  experts that can be found in the purchase departments, logistics, administration, engineering, ict, sales and general management.

Together with our customers MARCILLAUD makes a projectplanning based on needed hours, the deliverables set by the customer and successfull outcomes needed. We concur on the level of “innovators” requested in order to offer you the best possible quotiation. Our final planning includes a timeschedule and financial forecast so you will not have to worry about any unexpected additional costs.

Management team

Four different levels of Innovators

We offer 4 different types of consultants because we know every journey is unique in it’s needs and level of expertice. By realizing a mixed team we can lower the costs, yet realize amazing results. Every project is matched with our database of experts.

During every project the innovators are trained, coached and supported by MARCILLAUD to realize the objectives of the project. Trainings consist of business modeling, proces creation and management, sales development and start-up realisation (overall entrepreneurship).

Are you an innovator, but you do not see a suitable job? leave your resume with us!

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