Giving all music talent a STAGE

For many years, people were not actively working on their music career. Only a few people with amazing talent managed to get to the stage. This changed thirty years ago when shows looking for talent first appeared on television.

We all know them, The Voice, … Got Talent, X Factor, The Sing-Off, Star Search, Idols and many more. They all have one important thing in common, they are not looking for music talent, but performers. In these TV shows it is often more about being able to sell tickets than having amazing vocal skills.

If it wouldn’t have been for these shows we wouldn’t be able to listen to amazing singers like Adele. Adele is the perfect example of not meeting the stereotypical artist look, as often seen on TV shows, but standing out because of her amazing voice. Adele had been working towards her singing career by being a BRIT student but had her big breakthrough soon after signing her first contract XL label in 2007.

Today, 10 years later, we believe that every potential music artist out there should get his or her own stage! Just like XL Label offered Adele. This is why we are currently building Empire Music Talent!

Empire Music Talent is all about connecting an artist with his or her fans. We believe a solid fanbase helps artists to deliver great performances and to build up an amazing music career. Fans and ‘groupies’ are always searching for new and upcoming talent, so called diamonds in the rough. Imagine if you were one of the lucky first that got to attend Adele’s concert in 2005, that would’ve been amazing right?

Connecting fans with venues is the first real step towards building successful careers. Empire Music Talent has experience in booking venues and can estimate how many fans will join a performance. This support, combined with music studios that are able to validate the quality of an artists and their music will guarantee an amazing event in every venue.

“Connecting artists with their fans, fans to venues and venues with studios is making Empire Music Talent unique among its kind”.

The best part of it all is that Empire Music Talent will be free. We want to make our services available for everyone so only a small fee will be added to the ticket sales.

Empire Music Talent creates insight in what is hot and what’s not for the whole entire music industry. Artist are able to see where their fans are located, fans can interact and buy tickets to see their favorite artist and attend events at venues nearby and venues get to target the fans of booked artists, this way we cover the whole industry.

Empire Music Talent is currently searching for it’s last needed investments so that we can starting building. Visit Empire Music Talent today so that you can register your STAGE as an artist or get your place in line as a fan!